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Our Vision

To provide continued excellence in design and performance, and to extend the most positive experience possible to all of our customers.

Our Story

Since the first system rolled off the production line over 40 years ago, Multi-Shifter’s commitment was to be distinctive and successful in everything they do. Multi-Shifter was born in 1974, to fill a glaring hole in the electric forklift industry, with regard to battery handling. The initial efforts of the company’s founders proved to the industry that the design and operation of our product would become essential to the safe and efficient process of storing and handling the cumbersome and heavy batteries in large electric forklift fleets.

Multi-Shifter was the first company to manufacture any products in this specialized market, and have become one of the most prolific. Since our beginnings, over 40 years ago, we have installed thousands of systems worldwide and continue to innovate as the industry goes through its inevitable changes and evolutions. Our product line is extremely robust, and we have a great many systems that are still in use 10 – 15 years after initial installation.

Multi-Shifter’s commitment to producing quality products, combined with reliable service and parts support has proven to be a successful framework to ensuring the continued rapid growth of the company.


Who We Serve

Our Industries

On-Line Fulfillment Centers

Food Distribution

Auto Parts Industry


Beauty and Grooming

Furniture Manufacturers

Beverage Bottlers and Distributors

3PL Warehousing and Logistics