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Vision & History

Our Vision

To provide continued excellence in design and performance, and to extend the most positive experience possible to all of our customers.

Our Story

Since the first system rolled off the production line over 40 years ago, Multi-Shifter’s commitment has been to be distinctive and successful in everything we do. Multi-Shifter is the premier manufacturer of battery handling systems and, in fact, invented the first battery handling system in 1974. Multi-Shifter was born in 1974, the brainchild of Donald Pratt and Bud Roberts. They both recognized the need for this type of equipment in the lift truck industry for a safe and efficient way to handle and exchange heavy forklift batteries, before and after charging. They continued development of the new Multi-Shifter group of products, saw the company grow and prosper, and Multi-Shifter became the benchmark company for customers seeking safe and efficient methods of battery handling.

Donald Pratt’s son, John Pratt, took over the reins of the company and continued the family tradition of excellence. John steered the company forward with numerous new product offerings, developed a dealership network and major sales force in the United States and Internationally. This saw the company grow to twice the size of its origin and locate to a new and larger manufacturing facility.

In the spirit of Donald Pratt and John Pratt, current management and leadership has continued the tradition of producing quality products, and providing reliable service and parts support. This has proven to be a successful framework for ensuring the continued rapid growth of the company.


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