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Filter 5 Filtration Systems

The Multi-Shifter battery wash and filtration system is designed to ensure your site is in total compliance with both State and Federal regulations. Unlike other equipment available, the Multi-Shifter Filter 5’s unique filtration technology provides a safe and complete recycled water system.

The Filter 5 removes all of the harmful contaminants each time the system is cycled. These metals are captured in the specifically engineered metals removal media where they are securely held.

Other systems simply do not address the heavy metals and only recycle contaminated water. As their systems cycle, the metals concentration increases. Some systems require chemical flocculation to drop the contaminants out of solution in a batch process, which still generates a waste that requires disposal. In many states, this chemical process is considered waste treatment and requires a licensed waste water treatment operator to oversee the process and maintain waste water logs to supply and comply with state and local POTW regulations. The water stored in both of these systems contains high levels of heavy metals, putting your staff and the environment in danger, should a spill occur. Not to mention the environmental liability your company faces as the generator of the waste. As the generator of the waste, you are liable for the waste from cradle to grave.

The Multi-Shifter Filter 5 is unique as there is no grave for the heavy metal waste. The metals are bonded to the media and cannot be removed without utilizing a specialized process. This process is provided by a licensed metals recovery facility. Once the metals are removed from the media at the facility, they are combined with other recovered metals and recycled for reuse in new products. There is no grave. This process protects you from environmental liability. Many products are available to adjust the pH to a neutral pH of 7. Adjusting the pH is only a small part of the requirement in dealing with this waste water.

Here’s how the Multi-Shifter Filter 5 works to protect you:

Once a battery is loaded into the wash cabinet and the wash button is pressed, water from the clean recycled water tank is pumped through high pressure nozzles to wash the battery. The contaminated wash water is then pumped through a bank of 5 filters to remove the solids, oils and grease, and detergents. After the 5th filter, the water then flows through the 2 media tanks where the metals are removed. From the media tanks the, now clean water, flows up into the overhead tank where it is stored for future wash cycles. The system is completely automatic. All you have to do is press the start button on the wash cabinet.


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