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MST Single-Level Series

The Uni Shifter MST Series was designed as an economical solution for small to medium multi-shift operations. While it still has most of the features and warranty of the MS Series, Multi-Shifter has been able to build in many cost saving features that make the MST Uni Shifter a very affordable Changer. The unique tube in tube design on the MST has fewer moving parts than other changers, making the system more reliable and less expensive to maintain. 

Contact our corporate office or your Multi-Shifter Regional Sales Manager for a complete list of configurations and options for this model.

Some features you will find attractive on the MST Series:

  • AC or DC configurations available
  • Overhead Bridge Design for Faster Changes and Increased Roller Bed Capacity
  • Magnetic Draw Bar with 1200 lb. pull and 5 Year Warranty
  • Single or Dual Sided Operation with Pass Through Design
  • Free Flowing Roller Bed
  • Economical Price Point
  • 5 Year Warranty on Magnet
  • Can be Installed in Competitors Racking / Siting Scenario


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