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Mobile Shifters

Moving industrial lift truck batteries in excess of 2,000 lbs. is not an easy task. Changing these batteries in the charging room, or rescuing a lift truck with a dead battery in the warehouse, can quickly and easily be handled using the Mobile Shifter. The Mobile Shifter is designed to mount to a standard battery-operated pallet lift truck. Mobile Shifters are available in a variety of sizes with additional features to handle many different size batteries. They will handle batteries as heavy as 4,000 lbs. and sizes up to 45” long and 40” wide. The units will accommodate 24V, 36V and 48V Systems.
The Mobile Shifter can be affixed to the Walkie or Rider Truck utilizing either clamps, fork pockets or direct welding. Fork pockets can be mounted perpendicular on the Mobile Shifter for narrow aisle applications.



  • Pendant style, two hand controller. This safer design, requires both hands on the controller for operating.
  • Superior magnetic grab generates up to 1200 lb. draw bar pull and is warrantied for 5 years.
  • Poly-Slide inserts in the bed rather than rollers, provides greater stability for the battery while traveling.
  • A 1 HP motor powers the hydraulic push/pull mechanism that transfers the battery.
  • A “Y” cable is provided to connect to the host vehicle using an SB-175 gray connector.
  • Standard power required for operation is 24 volt DC, however optional voltages are available.
  • The MOBILE SHIFTER attaches to the host truck’s forks with a quick disconnect clamping system.


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