Build a System

Page 1 of the spec sheet begins by asking all the typical customer information such as name, location, phone number, and contacts.

Then the Dealer is asked to provide The Dealer Company name, salesperson involved, phone number, and fax number.

The next questions are for the salesperson:

What type of quotation/layout is needed?

What is the probability of getting the purchase order?

What is the expected close date?

The bottom half of page1 deals with Equipment and Battery Descriptions. This is essentially an inventory of Forklifts, batteries, and chargers.

Let’s talk about the forklifts first.

The number of each model of forklift in the customer’s fleet must be listed. The numbers of these different models is then added together to obtain the total number of forklifts in the fleet.

Different models of forklifts have different characteristics during battery changes. For example a simple reach truck battery change is quite different from changing an order-picker with guide-rollers and a wide platform.

Next the number of batteries per truck model is calculated. Normally, a 2-shift operation will have 2 batteries per forklift, and 3-shift operations have 3 batteries per shift.

Next the number of batteries stored is calculated. Let’s assume the customer has 25 forklifts. Running a 2-shift operation would require 2 batteries per truck, or 50 batteries. Since 1 battery is always in each truck the customer would need to store 25 batteries.

# Forklifts                   Total Batteries for 2 Shifts

      25                               50 - 2 per forklift

 Less batteries in trucks      (25)

The result is                       25 batteries stored


Let’s look at the same 25-truck fleet running 3 shifts.

#Forklifts                     Total Batteries for 3 Shifts

      25                                75 – 3 per forklift

Less batteries in trucks        (25)

The result is                         50 batteries stored

In summary, 2-shift operations store 1 battery per forklift, and 3-shift operations store 2 batteries per forklift.

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