Build a System

Putting Together a System Quotation

Putting a system proposal together has 3 steps. First, you must fill out our 4-page System Specification Worksheet, or as we call it the "Spec Sheet".

Next the Spec Sheet is sent to Multi-Shifter.

In 2 to 3 work days you will have a system quotation complete with cad layout drawings.

The information in the Spec Sheet must be accurate and complete. It is the Salesperson's responsibility to insure this is done correctly.

Since it is so important, let’s review the Spec Sheet in detail.

1. SPEC SHEET    Download as file ( XLS / PDF )

The Spec Sheet is the Bible for the customer’s particular application. It must be filled out accurately and entirely to receive a quotation. In other words, no spec sheet - no quote.

The 4-page Spec Sheet prevents us from making any mistakes due to battery and charger dimensions, lift truck specs, floors, and any other application concerns.

Let's review the spec sheet page by page.   NEXT