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The Quad 30 Series is Multi-Shifter’s top of the line Man Aboard system. It is the fastest in the industry. Both in terms of speed of movement, and in battery changing. It travels 33% faster, raises 44% faster and lowers 175% faster than the nearest competitor. The 4 compartment roller bed in the Quad 30 can facilitate up to 3 battery changes per cycle. It is available in multi-level configurations 2, 3, 4, and 5 levels high. Simply put, the Quad 30 is the most productive Man Aboard Changer available. To learn more, download one of the Specifications Sheets below, or better yet, call your Multi-Shifter Sales Representative.

Contact our corporate office or your Multi-Shifter Regional Sales Manager for a complete list of configurations and options for this model.

The Industry Leading Features are below:

  • AC operation
  • Overhead Bridge Design for Faster Changes and Increase Roller Bed Capacity
  • Magnetic Draw Bar with 1200 lb. Pull and 5 Year Warranty
  • Dual Sided Operation with Pass Through Design
  • Double, Triple and Quad Level Configurations
  • Free Flowing Roller Bed with Space for 4 Batteries
  • 300 fpm Longitudinal Travel Speed
  • 39 fpm Lift Speed
  • 74.5 fpm Lowering Speed
  • 5 Year Warranty on Magnet
  • Can Be Installed in Competitors Racking / Siting Scenario

Download DS2-40 Specification Sheet  

Download TS2-40 Specification Sheet  

Download QS2-40 Specification Sheet  


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