Catalog / The Original Single Level Vehicle

Ideal for:
Small, Medium & Large Forklift Fleets


Power Source:
AC or DC Battery

Key Features:
Magnetic Grab with 5 yr Warranty
Precision Lift/Equalization System
Free Flowing Roller Bed

Fastest battery change in the industry!

This is the machine that started an industry. First produced in 1974, more Multi-Shifters have been sold worldwide than any other battery-handling vehicle. This reliable design incorporates productivity, space savings, low cost of ownership, and longevity.

The Multi-Shifter system can store more batteries at the floor level than any other single-level battery handling system. Like all our vehicles, the Multi-Shifter uses our unique magnetic grab that carries a 5-year warranty. No vacuum system carries a 5-year warranty.

The Multi-Shifter is designed to use DC battery power or AC power. Over 200 Multi-Shifter systems 15 to 20 years old are reliably working as you read this. That is the greatest testament to the success of this design.