Company Profile

Multi-Shifter, Inc. is a fully integrated manufacturer of industrial battery handling vehicles and storage systems. Employed by companies operating electrically powered forklift trucks, our company;

  • is routinely specified by the world’s leading firms such as Ford Motor Co., Baxter Healthcare, Nissan Motor Mfg., Barnes & Noble, Coca-Cola Co., Caterpillar, General Electric, Apple Computer, Amway, General Motors Corporation, Westpoint Stevens, J.C. Penny, Nike Inc., Champion Products, Castle Metals, Fruit of the Loom, Goodyear Tire & Rubber, Frito-Lay Inc., Sherwin Williams, Coors Brewing Co., Michelin Tire, & many others.
  • is the industry’s quality and technology leader.
  • has installed more powered battery handling and storage systems around the world than any other producer.
  • offers the broadest array of powered battery handling equipment.

In business since 1974, Multi-Shifter Inc.'s advanced battery handling products have provided industries utilizing electrically powered fork lift trucks in multiple shift environments with the means to increase their plant efficiency, worker safety, and space utilization. The equipment that has provided these advances are:

Over the last two decades, Multi-Shifter Inc. has designed systems for a wide variety of industrial vehicles. Multiple batteries weighing up to 5,000 lbs. apiece are routinely changed in;

  • Counter balance trucks (CB)
  • Turret trucks
  • Narrow aisle trucks (NA)
  • Walkie / Pallet Jacks
  • Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV)

Firms with only 1 truck or more than 500 have experienced the benefits of Multi-Shifter's method of industrial battery management. If your company desires better control of this vitally important operational area, then contact us or one of our distributors today! Multi-Shifter, Inc. ... "Excellence by Design".

Company Officers:

  • Dale Williams, President and CEO
  • Kelly Minchener, Finance and HR Manager
  • Charlie Greene, Southeast Sales
  • Bill Birch Sr., Western and Foreign Sales
  • Michael Brown, Aftermarket and Warranty
  • Tony Jones, Sales Coordinator